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Re: To Strelets: Turkish?

The Turks wont be available in seperate boxes?...Sorry, but this makes no sense at all. Dear Strelets, I think that some explanation would be highly welcomed.

Re: To Strelets: Turkish?

Dear Strelets,

I can agree that the cw Turks can be used for the RTW 1877.

I however support all those who ask for a new set or a seperate set containing the CW Turks for the following reasons:

1) Turkish infantry is a major unit of which I need several battalions to face the excellent Russians, so it would make sence to have a seperat set
2) It is very costly to buy say 10 big boxes to have enough Turks
3) I do not need 10 boxes of Russian inf, hussars and scots since I allready have plenty
4) It would be very difficult to find 10 big boxes tin red line and since the Russians 1877 are very nice, many people will like to start 1877 war.

So, unless their is a seperate sets of Turks I have two options:
- either I spent a lot of time searching for and a lot of money buying the big box sets and end up with a few battalions of Turks and many other figures I do not need
- or I will not buy any sets of the 1877 war since I will have far more Russians than opponents

So I personally hope you will reissue the CW Turks in a seperate box (If you remake only the soldiers we still need to buy the big box for command figures)

Many regards


I have lots of crimean war figures still waiting for artillery and loads of GNW sweden with no russians as they are in a expensive big box. Unfortunately I don't like to mix Strelets figures with the much slender Zvezda or Emhar or anything else.
So I second Pieter as this is exactly what I meant to say. Before to take the plunge in the period, this time I want to know in advance if I can field two armies.

Re: To Strelets: Turkish?

You're right -- they are not wrong for the conflict. They should just be in a separate box, without the other Crimean War Russian and British sets. In fact, that's what I always assumed you were going to do when I noticed that there was no 1877 Turkish infantry set. I know you guys will do the right thing -- you always do.


iT looks very apparent that in the past CW guns were promised ....this is 4 years ago.

now we are in RTW and guns seem to have delays .

rtw range not to have turks infantry to fight good rouskie foot figures (even teh 3rd sprue from set 903 as a mini set available) is astonishing.

at all cost.... you do not want a repuatation for making incomplate series. even wording of PSR says "promise".... is a little warning to us perhaps.

why we continually learn of things 2nd hand on psr instead of your own website is maybe a little shady as tehy say in teh movies.

This is the last thing i want for you guys ,but if i did nothing and said nothing i would not be a good guy if i did not say anything about it ,just like teh other guys who have aired their concerns also.
ps.. this is 2010, and you propose artillery set with no limber.even airfix made limbers in 1966 whenever so come on dudes todays technology will not wear that.


Dear All

From April 10th 2010

Yes but I thought mini set snow swept Turkish infantry and summer Turkish infantry would be released to match the Russians. Maybe they will be slotted in this year. The cavalry should come in cold and warm weather versions or the choice that is appropriate for that types major involvement in a battle.

Never mind. I have only bought one RTW Russian set. A shame for those who have bought more. It would be cheaper to recruit the real Turkish army than buy those big boxes. Somebody said the rifles are wrong as well- I agree. Issuing the Turks as a big box ie all Turks could offer slight salvation.