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Re: The movie Sluga Gosudarev (The Sovereign’s Servant)

thankyou s-r for finesse in 1/72 you are teh napoloean brandy(i find nice bottel it do good) of teh hobby.very eloquent figures in narva i drink toNite to your continued health and appreciation get me thru hard time . Nice figuren thankyou to look forward to release why wait lets go doo it, but turkish inafntry need turkish artillery and cavalry fot krim war/.Wait for news turish crew and rider please what is teh chance .

Re: The movie Sluga Gosudarev (The Sovereign’s Servant)

I saw the film just yesterday, I must say it is a funny one, and the scenario, photography and costume is really very lovely made and accurate.
Ther rytm , scirpy and so on is ok, altohugh maybe a little " pro-russian" as the russian appear to be more or less the good and the sweedes a little "evil" and even "stupid" (100 muskets firing to 2 main charachters swimming slowly in a river 20 m far and no injuries to any of them both)

The scenes for battle of Poltava are beautiful and even spectacular, with long firing lines and advancing batallions in colourful uniforms, but the military advising seems to be poor, as infantrymen only fire once (only about 40 m far!!) and inmediately charge to the bayonet (maybe it is more real russian style!!). Also artillery guns are too modern, as they have no recoil at all!

Anyway I liked and enjoy the film, it is funny and nice to see (even more nice to see the incredibly beautiful actresses)!!!!I find it recommendable