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Re: New Sets Are In Shops

Dear PeterTheGreat,

RCW is a possibility. WWII is highly unlikely now that more and more various sets are being produced by manufacturers better equipped for this job. WWI is still a possibility although as you could see other makers have them in pipeline.

Best regards,


Re: New Sets Are In Shops

RCW would be very welcome and well suited to Strelets all different pose style. There are already plenty of WWI figures on the market (not least your own Russian infantry) that can be used for RCW but a really varied set with lots of ragged looking militia types would go a long way towards breaking up the uniformity. They could be mixed in with more regular looking stuff. Some personalities Lenin, Trotsky, cheka and commissars would be great. The only other set that would be a must would be sailors. Toughts for the future.