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Re: To Strelets Bonus-figures

Dear Flopper,

temporarily we ceased making them just because our Strelets-R infantry sets aren't produced any more.
We are thinking whether it will be a good practice to add them to the Mini sets where the number of figures is less than in a regular format sets.

Best regards,


Re: To Strelets Bonus-figures

I do not beat about teh bush.I do not like mini sets its just too far few too figures.Saying Separate command sets are made is too far strung out for strelets to use this delivery approach .This year we have 2 cw sets between june and december....maybe some in march.

I appeal to s-r consider increase mini set to double to make 24 different figures, 2 sprues of each.

again I do not like the 'bonus"figure as it is like atention deficit.If it was something in teh era of the soldiers we were buying then okay... but out of era is no good.A more useful and thoughtful relevant inclusion like a cart/vehicle/ would be of much more value, and built into the sprue.

In reality from 44 figures to 12 is a near 75% deduction and slap to me as a collector and your own mission statement on the website. Strelets seem to now be in a base of production summer,winter ,command sets.(never artillery)
instead of consecutive infantry cavalry artillery.parallel release of sides.At least collector gets momentum.

no allied cw artillery is a pity for such a big war concerned with seige.i leave the window open for some answers please strelets.



Dear Hank and Flopper

The bonus figures are on the PSR site:

You can see that they vary greatly in quality. For example "G " is a very nice figure with excellent detail and some others are poor.

I suppose on this evidence, not including them in sets would not affect whether or not I bought the set.

A bonus track on a CD or bonus footage on a film DVD is a reasonable promotional ploy and the perception is added value as the CD may have been issued without the bonus. If the bonus has been factored into the costs and is standard I am not sure how it works as a promotion. I could be very wrong but few people would buy the set just for the bonus figure.

Time and trouble spent on showing colour schemes for the figures, recommended paints, the historical background of the figures etc would seem to be a more useful bonus. Including generic items like musket stacks or a pile of cannon balls could also be construed as a bonus when they relate to the period but not just the specific set. The same with Hank's suggestion of carts.
12 poses could be enough but often they are variations on a standing or kneeling rifleman or at the advance. Momentum is very important as well as imagination and inventiveness. A mini set could easily be a Crimean War mortar and crew in action and at rest with the right amount of figures. The formula of a sprue four times may relate to production issues but two sprues of crew and two of cannons and related stuff would be sensible ie twelve different crew poses. The Zvezda, Peter the Great artillery set has twelve crew poses 9 horses, 5 cannons, a limber and 33 superbly sculpted figures for about £10.The powder barrels could be seen as a bonus. This is the competition.