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Re: Streltsy Drummer

Dear Uwe

I don't know of an original Streltsi drum but...

The Royal Armouries have some 17th century drums. This link should give you a pic of one:

The cylinder or barrel is probably original but the other parts look as if they have been restored but correctly so. The stringing (roping) and tensioners or adjusters look very much like the Zvezda box art. Many English Civil War re-enactors base their designs on the Royal Armouries drums and therefore adopt a stained and varnished plain wood grain. The heads would be a bleached hide colour like parchment and the hoops could be painted in a contrasting colour (or wood). The design on the McBride and Zvezda box drums is a dogtooth design and they usually followed the patterns of the strings.

Apart from the colours referring to Strelets regimental colours the drums look to be similar to any throughout Europe in the 17th c. Indeed they may have been of German or Dutch manufacture. Russian military bands were often German and in the later 17th c. they wore western clothes so a drummer in a Strelets regiment often had a slouch hat and cravat etc in the 1680s/90s.

Finally it would be nice to know where the late Mr McBride and Zvezda got their information from.


Re: Streltsy Drummer

Hallo Uwe
maybe you can find some information here



Re: Streltsy Drummer

Hi friends,

thanks for your answers and sorry for my late reply.
Well, so as I feared no surviving original drums. I am wondering what all the others used as source for their modern pictures or figures.

David, you suggestions sounds logical. I just wanted to have a proof of this.

The figure is in blue colour, when I remember it right, it was in a napoleonic command set.


Re: Streltsy Drummer

me too no luck will keep looking