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Eastern Crusade

As I doubt that Strelets will ever enter the modern area, how about a line of figures for 15th Century Eastern Europe. This is another neglected area that perhaps Strelets would be interested in. Byzantines for 1453, Medieval Ottoman Turks, the Hungarians of Janos Hunyadi, Vlad Dracula's Wallachians (with a few impaled victims!), as a start. Each would need infantry and cavalry, as well as specialty sets with command, cannons, etc... It is such an interesting historical period, with few figures.

Re: Eastern Crusade

I agree,I wonder why Strelets does not want to touch this subject,I asked them for Byzantines,but they rejected which is really strange,because this is a great subject,there is only one set made by Orion which refers to this subject,but I think it would be great to see earler Buyzantines/IX-XI/this subject has no representation in 1/72 scale.Another gap is early XVI eastern europe-Russia /there is ono XV-XVI infantry,strelets were formed in middle of XVI but before thar there were also unites of infantry,I welcome Strelets rep.romans but I think Strelets shall think over their future plans regarding Byzantines and East Europe

Re: Eastern Crusade

I've always been mystified by the lack of Byzantines and the lack of renaissance sets available. I think the Byantines suffer from being overshadowed by their less successful cousins in the West - which is a paradox in itself. As for renaissance, it is probably the most diverse and colourful period imaginable and yet is so poorly covered. Years ago I could understand as the market was very reliant on kids buying figures and none of them would have heard of Landsknechts, stradiots, streltsi or ginetes but, the market is much more sophisticated now, and there have already been some forays into the period, with Janissaries and Streltsi but there still isn't the makings of an army and the gaps need to be filled.

Re: Eastern Crusade

Byzantine's would be great! You'd have to do some Romanians, Hungarians, etc.
Seljuks are already in place. They need someone to fight against!

A group of Vlad's troops would be excellent. I believe Lucky Toys is working
on a set of these.

I would also like to say more 17th Century troops would be great also. Some
polish infantry and more swedes and imperials would all be great.

Cheers all!