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Re: KALAFAT - (4) has just begun.

Please give you thank to strelets for very wonderful models they produce for us.

Coming soon Kalafat 5. you had little tease already and clues in forum to what is next.

My aspiration for 2010 is for Strelets to produce CW artillery. Turk fez artilelry men crew,and riders( i must have 20 crews) .We need riders :caisson and limbers generic is fine, big box mega box mini box ,anything). in fact a big box with rouskie artillery also would sell navy gun also with perhaps rouskie field guns.

I stress importance semaphore use in cavalry artillery and infantry was teh key field/battle command communication method de jour. S-R please feed your Turkish dancing bear the crusts wearing fez that he seek for his grateful appetite !

Re: KALAFAT - (4) has just begun.

The band and the priest are excellent do you have any close ups?

Re: Kalafat 1853

Great set-up, Head for the Guns!!

Re: Kalafat 1853

to head for the guns hank

you kalafat 4 diorama by one guy is wow.the story is highlight also in works you give to guy you can do happy.jelous me.kalafat 4 means kalafat 5 soon me hope. or wait for from you?

by fox-hole friend - Wow.

Re: Kalafat 1853

Yes Kalafat 5, is already 50% complete, but i need some other scenics to help complete the dio-drama.
Watch out later this month for next intel report.

Re: Kalafat 1853

A great piece of work Hank. Best I've seen for a long time. Your work is a great advertisment for the hobby. Well done.

Re: Kalafat 1853

Thanking ,but i am in teh lower class than teh other guys on forums.

I painting breakfast also now,today with 230/800 rouskie wear pickehabe only this week painted.

I have exciting model to intefgrate in Kalafat 5 and i eager wait more big unit to add.

is good to see 1700 m r's sverge/preussians .i hope you all send some diodrama also to s-r .it is a glorius day .

Coming soon - Kalafat 1853 - part 5 ...NAUTICAL influence

Its teh nautical influence. You already have a taste ,but the smoke ,funnels and masts are getting much closer.

Re: Coming soon - Kalafat 1853 - part 5 ...NAUTICAL influence holding up in inlet awaiting clearance from Omar Pasha.Some night time patrols are the only activities. Enemy campfires increasing at night significantly a brigade of pickelhaubes has arrived another still marching .

Re: Coming soon - Kalafat 1853 - part 5 ...NAUTICAL influence

austrian steamship was hired to help transport troops other vessels requisitioned.

second brigade of pickelhaubes arrived.third brigade pickelhaubes marching.rumors of rouskie grenadier brigade enroute are circling.jagers replenishing after ther frontal attack.

flotilla expected to arrive kalafat by july 2-3.

Turkish Winchester Plevna for Hank

Hi Hank thought you might like this....