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Re: best sellers

Most of the new 1/72 figure sets are on hannats topten when they were released.I think that is the reason they carry nearly all 1/72 figure lines.They sell good. I am loyal customer to them. I buy one box from each produced set to date. also two or three boxes on WW2 and Turkish subjects.

A single Turkish set would be a best seller. That is for sure.

I think that Strelets put unsold products on their 4-set big you have to buy other 3 to get the new one .

I also want to thank to red fez Hank for the contrubiton on Turkish subjects.

Firat kayhan

istanbul, Turkey

Re: best sellers

Greetings Firat, I try to display the initial battles of the "Crimean War" war ,often forgotten and not very well covered by european history. The clashes with teh Russians in Roumania and Bulgaria along the Danube(Kalafat/Oltenitza Citaphe Silistra battles etc.)

It was wonderful of Strelets to make teh CW Turkish Figures in 3 types of Uniforms.I hope Strelets will consider to make for some artillery figures which Turkish Army was famous for in that period of time.

I have more CW Turkish contribution coming soon under Kalafat 4. A Russian Imperial band will make an appearance plus at least 1 of 5 model Steam boats converted from a HO Faller River Boat i completed earlier today.They will all be under the Red Crescent.

If Strelets release a s-r Turkish Set by itself Instead of teh including command figures, how about an artillery sprue instead ?

Have fun , Hank