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Intel Report : Kalafat - enemy assault imminent

Esteemed servants of the Porte.
Despatches recieved by carrier pigeon reveal ;

Increased campfires last 2 nights indicate Rouskie Jager Regiment 4 battalions closer than we thought to Kalafat.They may be awaiting Uhlans to join them and the replenished cossacks. Anticipate a major assault within a week.

Telegraph established over the River and working between Fort Turtakoi batteries and Kalafat trenches.

both sides raid day and night. sentries to be doubled
in hours of darkness.Prisoners very coperative.

cavalry piquets and foraging patrols report increase skirmishes.

prisoner exchange next week to be discussed.ransoms for officers to be parolled.

artillery are in good supply of ammunition.

casualties.repeat request for more medical staff supplies were sent to the Porte.

Major news, (withhold until positively recognised).
From teh east heliograph relay station, report winding smoke trails spotted on the river course which we anticipate to be friendly flotilla..
what a treat for you is coming ! .

Re: Intel Report : Kalafat - Russian Imperial Infantry Band strikes up


Advance piquets have heard melodic tones of an Imperial Russian band playing anthems. Expect divisional assault on teh trenches.Further increase of campfires prevail.

Bozhe Tsaya Krani!

Re: Bozhe Tsaya Krani!

Armed Steam Ship "S.S. Ali Pasha" was launched this afternoon, heading to Kalafat.Four more requisitioned steam ships are going thru emergency refit despite being under steam.

Re: SS Alis Pasha and SS Rumelia

Bust 48 hours just finished at the dry dock. Both Steam Ships (SS Ali Pasha and SS Rumelia)had a rendez vous today,fit for role and looking good.Paint still drying.Shorty be enroute for Kalafat. Another 3 steamers are sailing in the vacinity exoected to join as an operational flotilla.

SS Ali Pasha is an armed steam ship
SS Rumelia ia a Steam Tug which will be used as one of two sentinnel for the armed Steamships when those are engaging enemy.

Re: SS Alis Pasha and SS Rumelia

I can't wait to see it. Keep up the good work Hank!

Re: SS Alis Pasha and SS Rumelia

Other masts are breaking teh horizon.But I am 5 ships adrift ,2 wait at the rendez-vous.
Breakfast parade today has teh Jagers completed.

Re: Russian Imperial Army Band sounds good

They are practising alot maybe they are using psychological warfare. But think the Turkish steam ship whistles are playing a tune also.!!!!

Re: Russian Cavalry reinforcements arrive ?

Update : Artillery duelled through the night, light casualties as most troops were stood down until barrages ended. Expect they are trying to weaken our defences.

A senior Russian Uhlan Officer was seen near forward positions with Cossacks on a reconnaissance patrol early this morning.Some more Russian Artillery arrived shortly after and began digging in.

Jagers seen along the edge of the woods facing Kalafat defences.Cossack infantry moved to our right flank.Cossack cavalry persistently active in foraging.

No contact with flotilla established yet.

1 sentry missing, presumed captured last night.

Nothing further to report.

Re: Steamboat Flotilla

Approximately two further steam ships seen at daybreak at the flotillas anchor point.Patrol despatched to establish contact and guide.

***** H - HOUR MINUS 6 *****

Update -

Jagers reported in strength at forward positions.

No foraging patrols seen last night

Cossack regrouped on our right flank.

Russian Imperial band playing thru last light.

Uhlan piquet posted with many of their officers visiting it.

Indications are , attack imminent expect to face the assault at dawn.

Re: ***** H - HOUR Plus *****

The dawn Attack went in ,and the result was expected. More reinforcements for both sides are being pressed.

Some expected reinforcements did not make teh dealine due to poor transportation routes being congested.
It appears a much bigger battle will ensue.