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popular strelets set and popularity

Dear Tom

I would imagine the infantry sets that get a second chance in the big box sets would be classed as popular.

The Hannants web site enables you to sort by product code and it seems that some of the early Strelets sets have limited availability. There are more medieval sets in this category. The Roman sets STRM 008,009 have limited availability so they must have been popular or the initial order was small.

Phenomenal sales of the "Thing Red Line" in the USA. At least 5,000 sets to one billionaire customer must make this the most popular item in the universe. Maybe just a rumour or urban myth.

Individual sets of the Crimean Turks would easily surpass the mega popular sets to date though. (My opinion because I have enough Highlanders)

I suppose the popularity of items sold would be kept reasonably confidential otherwise competing manufacturers might muscle in. Familiar theme -
picking. Retailers would and do find the information useful and reps going round stores usually say this is a top selling line, wholesalers. ditto. Hannants put their last 7 days top sellers on their home page. At the moment it is the Caesar sets
with 4 in the top ten with the Somali militia the best seller of the 4 (no surprise). Of the other 6, 3 are 1/72nd scale Fleet Air Arm aircraft.


Re: popular strelets set and popularity

Hi Dave, Interesting observations. I am lookinga t statistiics and see threads about Zvezda or Caesar new rerleases hit 600 or 700 entries.Pity some s-r sets barely get 100. mmh i cannot coomprehend.

That guy you mention has the good taste for "Thing red fez ".Maybe i get to meet him one glorious day.
Maybe just little exaggeration perhaps creeping like scale.

have a nice week. Life is good.

forum hits

Dear Hank

I think that is why the HaT team limited topics on their forum . I suppose they can see which of their products gets the most hits not just the length of the thread. For example British WWI machine guns-700 French WWI 37mm gun-429 WWI Cossacks-982.

I wonder if Strelets have a counter on their future release pics?


Re: forum hits

Maybe David,it is a good thing to try and improve the statistics s=r lean on teh sculptors to say ...look imrpve teh situation/poses. S-r art looks very computer generated ...those bearskins yuk.and clip and paste face clone .Command set and private would help teh painters.

To me is disappointing to see score like the caesar and zvezda eclipse strelets on their own website.

maybe is something to do with product impact.Zvezda use historical classical type box design.S-R seem to trial different forms.caesars, i never buy them.
I am only buying s-r and things i need lik e zvezda artillery wagon/caissons etc.(not for figures)

Okay i exicited waiting for boats to start arrive tomorrow onward .small conversions to do on them...oh yes i (shame on me)still have rouskie jagers to paint.

have teh nice week professori.

best sellers

Dear Hank

Hannants best sellers top ten chart now has all HaT products except for two. The new sets have just arrived in the UK. Of the top ten best sellers, nine are 1/72nd scale figure sets which is encouraging.


Re: best sellers

Most of the new 1/72 figure sets are on hannats topten when they were released.I think that is the reason they carry nearly all 1/72 figure lines.They sell good. I am loyal customer to them. I buy one box from each produced set to date. also two or three boxes on WW2 and Turkish subjects.

A single Turkish set would be a best seller. That is for sure.

I think that Strelets put unsold products on their 4-set big you have to buy other 3 to get the new one .

I also want to thank to red fez Hank for the contrubiton on Turkish subjects.

Firat kayhan

istanbul, Turkey

Re: best sellers

Greetings Firat, I try to display the initial battles of the "Crimean War" war ,often forgotten and not very well covered by european history. The clashes with teh Russians in Roumania and Bulgaria along the Danube(Kalafat/Oltenitza Citaphe Silistra battles etc.)

It was wonderful of Strelets to make teh CW Turkish Figures in 3 types of Uniforms.I hope Strelets will consider to make for some artillery figures which Turkish Army was famous for in that period of time.

I have more CW Turkish contribution coming soon under Kalafat 4. A Russian Imperial band will make an appearance plus at least 1 of 5 model Steam boats converted from a HO Faller River Boat i completed earlier today.They will all be under the Red Crescent.

If Strelets release a s-r Turkish Set by itself Instead of teh including command figures, how about an artillery sprue instead ?

Have fun , Hank