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Re: Kalafat Intel update:

Yes, I very much agree with Hank's statement ...

"To Strelets - CW Artillery wanted, real bad! The guns would bring together so many projects of your released figures."

It's a very good point. I still just love the Russian Naval Artillery set. Those Naval Cannons are jewels of the hobby. Anyone who didn't buy heaps of them while they are availble will regret it later. In Sgt Dajineau's not so famous FFL words - "I promise you!"

Happy Collecting

Re: Germany 1st Itaky 2nd Turkey 3rd

MR GC ,yes A picture paints a 1000 words ,but i think the forum does not tlike the contribution style i do.
Germany are best then Italy then Turkey .Rest of you guys are so far behind.Yes we seen all on other forums so where is your new projects.

You guys from elsewhere need to bring your bellies back to the bar with new diodramas.Talk the talk all you like but if you dont walk teh walk you not eben get a placing.