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Mayday Today ,good timing and webpages for Rouskies . Any one got imperial russian music band orchestra be very glad for web link.

beer today mexico on 5th it seem like last month we wriye about this.

Re: MAY DAY new uniiforms

based on Imperial ones

Re: Here there are the links to the reviews

Not bad at all, but a couple of gripes: the summer set has far too many SMG's compared to rifles for the time period shown by the uniform.

There is also only one LMG in both sets; for a time early war the soviets were short of all kinds of automatic weapons, so in the "early" (summer) set, this isn't too bad, but two LMG's instead of the unrealisticaly high number of PPSh 41's would have been better.

With the winter set, this is much more of a problem as from 1943 on, a platoon had three DP machine guns and anyone wishing to make a realistic army with these figures is going to find himself seriously short on fire support.