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Re: new strelets sets

Velites???!!! Shome mistake surely... These were phased out as such from around the time of the 'Marian' reforms c.100BC. Antesignani perhaps, though no-one seems sure whether the references are to specialist troops or to legionaries in light skirmishing order...

Re: new strelets sets

Great news Strelets!

which dragoons?

1805 or 1812?
Caterpiller crests or horse hair manes?

Re: which dragoons?

Great job Strelets,

Very good news for the upcoming autumn.

And you show everybody you care for your costumers by retooling the dacians which were well under your good quality.

CW French infantry

Dear Crimean war fans

The Emhar French set is very good but has more of a Franco Prussian War feel to it (lack of beards and so on). The Strelets set is going to be very welcome and maybe a big box in 2010/11 with a French in the Crimean War theme. Allied siege artillery and field artillery next.