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Strelets*R Sets For Boxer Rebellion

For Boxer Rebellion fans, don't forget that Strelets*R also has some great sets that can be used to add some new and more variety for the defense and relief of Peking!:

049-French African Chasseurs
033-Crimean Zouaves
024-Crimean French Light Infantry (Some Zouaves + Stretcher Team


Re: Strelets*R Sets For Boxer Rebellion

nice sets indeed
can someone give me the link about boxer rebellion
once i saw pictures in net pictures newspaper covers about boxer rebellion

btw garrion can you make me one tower

Re: Strelets*R Sets For Boxer Rebellion

Nice call mr garrison.If one set to be made of each side ,be good to have personality set.For Allied with the guys with the improvise (antique)cannon call "betsy"from junk shop and gatling.Maybe use boer infantry as Custom volunteers.Japanese had biggest contingent and i liek medical dressing camp on page 76

Look liek hat french nap caison cut in 2 would make good rickshaw type wagon as seen inOs[prey Campaign book page 54. Airfix roman gate could be easy convert to Legation gate.3" gun and crew american.

For chinese force captured guns with chinese crew
and plenty of knife weilding guys.imperial army and pitch fork peasant be real mad charging with halberads.

The Art Minaturen Ukraine house would make a good Student interpreter house(p 83).here what you do
buy 2 put one on top of other(i doing this with balcony for balkan house) work real good.

Re: Strelets*R Sets For Boxer Rebellion


Your recommendation to use the Airfix Roman Tower/Gate for the British Legation Gate is brilliant. I've been beating my head against my desk for a year trying to figure out how to make this from something available to everyone, and it's sitting in my collection the whole time. That is actually the only part of the British Legation that has been escaping my imagination. Thank you!

And the S*R Boer set would make great Citizen Soldiers in the defense of Peking.

Cheers! GC

Re: Strelets*R Sets For Boxer Rebellion Innovations

Hi GC ,my pleasure .You are on similar wavelength to develop that.

the student building very important defend point also,took much fire and defended well.

Wit one artr minturen building i glue.The other (top) i reverse teh base so it is upside down.Still fits bottom house (oh yes)

This however make small ledge which i can glue an extend basswood doll house planking balcony on.It is simple and really work for that building.Put Plenty wall around compound simple construction.Window shutters little pain painting but is look good maybe you see next week but i make a balkan house with overhanging balcony.Very similar you get idea.

That give me a roof spare and is good to make a matching barn etc underneath teh roof.We collector have to economise.

You tower kert would kill for , will be handy also.
Okay one more thing.ST relets higland men soft cap
take off head and put on boer torso is perhap a Tientsin Volunteer Force/custom volunteer ,diplomat rounders team hahaha add a pouch/side pack look okay.
Many options.have fun ..but we always do.

Re: Strelets*R Sets For Boxer Rebellion BUILDINGS

GC I understand now maybe ytranslation problem model it is ebay $10

minart ukraine house 1/72

i buy 2 , put 1 on top of other to be balkan (with me add balcony )

but look at osprey campain peking 1900 page 83
above model look like student interpreter house inside brittish legation

wall of fort look angled like FFL fort not roman straight up and down lp82

page 59 use FFL Kbarrack from fort for henry cockburn mansion if you buy two ukraine house using the :"spare " roof would go on top of this cockburn house. that way make it look a good match,