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Re: The Most Beautifully sculpted S*R set

That's pretty difficult to answer and I will have to consult PSR and my own collection before a definitive answer is possible iff ever one would be possible.

The Roman Auxuiliaries, Russian Army Of Alexander Nevsky, Military Order Foot Knights and Normans would certainly make the short-list.

Even the short-list could get quite long quite quickly.

Re: Beautiful sculpted set

Yep, plenty of contenders!.

Mine is for the Polish Grenadier/French Dragoon set, not for necessarily the most attractive sculpting, more for the great variety of lively action poses.

Another close favourite - Crimean Highlanders.

The range of poses is the strength of these sets, and also that of Strelets R. May that long continue!!

Now for those artillery sets that Hank and others have been calling for ..........

cheers Mike McA

Re: Beautiful sculpted set

Strelets have done many sets rank among the best in my collection, but my absolue favorite is the 'Medieval Britain' set. I'm hoping to see similar sets being made for Normans, Crusaders, Romans and Arabs as well.

Re: Beautiful sculpted set

In 3rd place
Napoleonic French Cuirassiers (Summer Dress)
2nd place
The Turks from the Thing Red Line
1st place
Napoleon's General Staff