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Re: set M 030 British light infantry

hi professori, yes i saw a couple mistake but then i think.must be hard to cordinate fgures box artist artwork and cost also to juggle.then the thing red line after all that work was only superfical.but still must upset the strelets people who try hard for us.

i admit to be jealous turks are no box for teh identity and time share with 3 old set.
but teh small box helped for internazionale shipping keep weight and size down.that good save me price of a few camels.

i like the pompom hat like french but not seen on teh box.i was hoping for a hole set of them.head swap look good on regular foot.

i feel lost without fez

JANITOR helpe dme 20 minute ago that nice.i think sone guy not like new forum display but its okay
i used to it.Is fine.

Re: set M 030 British light infantry quiz solution

Dear Hank

Yes I said the figures are not too bad but human beings when they see something printed full colour believe it must be right even though others may say it is not right.
1. The shako badge should be a black hunting horn with a cockade (concentric circles) in black to hold the ball tuft
2. the Albert shako should not have chains on it
3. No white edging on the the shoulder straps or cuffs
4. Cuffs are plain not pointed
5. the cuffs have three black buttons on them roughly in line with the thumbs
6. The coatee is double breasted like the Guards
7. the buttons should be black
8. Black Crescents missing off the shoulders
9. Backpack wrong for the Alma
10. ball tuft should be black, green was for light companies though the black and green would be hard to distinguish at this scale
11. Albert shako should have a "peak" at the back
12. should have a "snake" belt buckle not usually blackened so very prominent
13. cap pouch missing off the belt

Some things are hard to see are a bit whimsical like the non regulation sideburns. The sword bayonet maybe The collar should be a Prussian collar which means there is not a "V" at the front. Rifle brigade officers often wore a pelisse again those who watch Sharpe or know their Rifle Brigade uniforms will know this. Italeri do a nice officer figure but with the wrong headgear.

BTW the box art has some things that were true for other periods eg white edging on the cuffs and shoulder straps OK for our Napoleonic fans.


Re: set M 030 British light infantry quiz solution

Apart from the fact that the Rifles didn't carry colours, the flag in the illustration is terrible anyway - blue far too light, and no understanding whatever of the proportions of the white sections...

Re: set M 030 British light infantry quiz solution

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Re: set M 030 British light infantry quiz solution

Hi David, I take it from your message that this set can also be used for the Rifles of Napoleonic wars??

I was not greatly impressed by the Italeri set, the old Revell set is great, however I like lots of different poses and if this can be used for the Peninsular then I will be in for a few boxes.

cheers Mike McA