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Today many of us view nationality differently than our parent's generation did, and our parent's generation viewed it differently than most in the 17th and 18th century did. Having known second generation Cuban-Americans, Polish-British and Vietnamese in several countries I can tell you that those with an "exile" mentality view nationality differently than the rest of us. Their ultimate loyalty is to the land of their ancestors. Poniatowski for example was born on foreign soil and fought for the Austrians, but remained a Pole.

Regardless of their blood lines or where they lived to me it appears that both James and Charles Edward retained the sense that they were British. I am not so sure about Charles brother Henry. Whether their loyalty was to the Scotland of their more remote royal ancestors or to Great Britain of their more recent ancestors is something I am not sure about. I suspect if he had wanted to, Charles could have followed in the footsteps of his uncle Berwick and become a loyal servant of either the crown of Spain (IIRC he fought for them in Italy) or France.

Re: Re: Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Silvester Severino Maria Stuart

I've always thought there was a misprint in the last line of that poem. From my own experience in the Hielands, it should have read: "A chasing the beer". It explains a lot.

Re: Charles Edward's accent

BTW, why would Prince Charlie have an Italian accent?
His tutor was Anglo-Irish and the court composed of Scots, Irish and English men and women.


You Chaps have very strange names for our things.
Freeway? you must mean Motorway.
Scotch? We drink that. Do you mean Scots?
Anyway, as a Hebridean I appreciate most things Scottish.
Did you know that a lot of Scottish schools teach the three 'Scottish'languages now.
They are English, Gaelic and Scots. The latter is really a dialec: on the lines of Robert Burns's writings.
I am looking forward to the Strelets Jacobites.

Re: Jacobites

I have 1/72 British and Jacobite armies.
For the Jacobites, BUM figures (which ARE usable) supplemented by 20mm Irregular Miniatures Highland figures, along with their Marlburian artillery figures, and some Zvezda GNW dragoons.
The British are mostly Zvezda GNW Swedish infantry and dragoons, Revell 7YW artillery and BUM highlanders/Irregular highlanders suitable painted.