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Re: Charles Edward's accent

BTW, why would Prince Charlie have an Italian accent?
His tutor was Anglo-Irish and the court composed of Scots, Irish and English men and women.


You Chaps have very strange names for our things.
Freeway? you must mean Motorway.
Scotch? We drink that. Do you mean Scots?
Anyway, as a Hebridean I appreciate most things Scottish.
Did you know that a lot of Scottish schools teach the three 'Scottish'languages now.
They are English, Gaelic and Scots. The latter is really a dialec: on the lines of Robert Burns's writings.
I am looking forward to the Strelets Jacobites.

Re: Jacobites

I have 1/72 British and Jacobite armies.
For the Jacobites, BUM figures (which ARE usable) supplemented by 20mm Irregular Miniatures Highland figures, along with their Marlburian artillery figures, and some Zvezda GNW dragoons.
The British are mostly Zvezda GNW Swedish infantry and dragoons, Revell 7YW artillery and BUM highlanders/Irregular highlanders suitable painted.