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Re: Strelets' Jacobites

I am not understanding why they say none buy cw highlandmen so why would they buy jakobites. It took mighty CW Turks to help sell highlandmen.
Lets have more CW artikkery we are screaming on top of the roof for artillery to fight rouskies please. ....[Turkey ]

I do not think what i did to some highlandmen donald .

Re: Re: Strelets' Jacobites

Hi, Hank,
and I hope that Strelets makes more CW artillery too!
Dare I ask what indignities you've committed on the CW Highlanders?
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Strelets' Jacobites

Perhaps its best not to know!

Re: Re: Re: Strelets' Jacobites

okay you wish so I send you in email.S-R have them but you will want to terminate me so i send you first in the line."Do not try it at home.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Death of a 1000 cuts

Okay what you think Donald , i just find easy way send image take so long.Terrible treatment of figures,but you do one for grenadier is easy,.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets' Jacobites

Hi, Hank,
aren't you clever?
I really appreciated the "before" painting photo that showed your skill with a modelling knife.
Really well done.
The finished painted product is very impressive.
I love a military band.
In case you need it, you have my full permission to mutilate as many Scotsmen as you like.
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets' Jacobites

Hi Donald,funky new forum look.It was just lttle fun.
The s-r figures are good because the belt line is equal on most figures as a position to make the torso cut.

Re: Strelets' Jacobites

I really do hope they will confirm this.

Re: Re: Strelets' Jacobites

Highlanders (and lowland scots) would be great. again the 48 poses format?



Re: Re: Re: Strelets' Jacobites

Highlanders would be an excellent idea for Strelet's
all different 48 piece sets! Sets with fewer poses
would be good for British infantry and Grenadiers. And
artillery and cavalry would be necessary for Culloden.

Re: Strelets' Jacobites

Jacobites would be an excellent addition to the range. Although other sets for the period would be nice you could use other figures that are close enough, e.g. I would use my British SYW army. Just one set of figures would open up a whole new period.