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Re: I agree with GC and FR. Well done!

the diorama is demonstrating passion - so many beautiful figures.
In particular, I notice some clear-cut messages. A modern disciplined Prussian style army against Cossack rabble. No chance for them, in particular in the open as shown. To my mind the foot Cossack poses are more in sniper mode - seeking cover. Would give them at least a slight chance.
Waiting for the suite

Oh la la so much pleasure

Thank you and keep going

Re: Re: I agree with GC and FR. Well done!

Thanks, for kind compliments to my humble self. i am having teh blast. Only 2 days holiday left of 10, but by tonite another 60 old unifroms turk wil be added .This morning another 80 new uniform turks painted were added to teh diodrama. I have 8 more st903 box arrive to open tomorrow.Outside I desprued 1,000 Russian Infantry and have teh sore thumb now.

It will be a progressive dio-drama so i hope you will see the growth, if strelets deem it worthy.It should finish October.I think then new ideas.

First Cossacks try contain teh Turks to the town and harass defences.

Then teh Infantry avante garde Jager Regiments arrive with Uhlans ,

The Main Russian Infantry will appear with teh Dragoons.

The mighty Russian Grenadiers will commit only if these other attacks fail.(oh yes they will...chuckel).

Also M-R Yes no quarter to the Rouskies crawler battalion, just as it was.Turkish sentry shoot chicken and cossack think they were seen, so cossacks attack.Poor turk sentry angry they get his chicken so sentry shot woke up his buddies.True story.

Kalafat (n) 900 turks will face 2,500 russians.

next week..... will be fun,you will see !!!

Re: Kalafat 1853 - Part 2 by Head for the Guns Hank

Outstanding work Hank really inspiring stuff seeing all those massed Turks and the Cossacks are a real bonus love the scenery too.

Your painting skills look to have improved enormously really top notch now, must be all the practice of painting hundreds Turks.

Well I had better see if I can get hold of some more Turks myself, I have only managed to get hold of 1 box so far everybody is sold out, know anything about that Hank.

Re: Re: Kalafat 1853 - Part 2 by Head for the Guns Hank

Hi Hank,

it is really impressing how fast you can paint such huge armies! 1000 Russians? Even with sprueing them it is hard work to paint all the equipment. But I am sure you can handle this. Oh yes, I've ordered 15 sets from Hannants and they are sold out...
Is it just you or are all the other guys after this Turkish army too?


Re: Re: Re: Kalafat 1853 - Part 2 by Head for the Guns Hank

ThanKs Brian and Uwe ,its apptrciated comments you send.I feel bad buying so many, but i did try and indicate early that i would aggressively purchase 25 sets ..somehow. Okay so i went over 25 a little bit...
I am sure others have done similar before me.

I have not had this much fun foe a long time with teh hobby.If S-R make CW artillery with Turkish crew i will do this buying again. I would need 20 crews.If there was 4 turk crew,drivers and riders in a box thats fine.

CW Specialist SET miners railway guys Hemaphore guys ,Uwe suggested rocket troop be good idea in allied artillery.Russian tatar supply carts.
etc mules pack.ah me dreamer.,sorry okay next week we have more fun.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Kalafat 1853 - Part 2 by Head for the Guns Hank

Great job Hank,
Is that a model railroad tunnel/feature in the first photo? If it is can you remember the manufacturer and maybe the model number.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Kalafat 1853 - Part 2 by Head for the Guns Hank

Hi RHR, Thanks very glad it pleases you,its alot of fun doing and i intend to send in more if it remains of interest.

Yes sir it is model railway Hill which i adapted by adding woodland scenicc trees and flock with elmer woodpaste (simple)for effect. It was 8 years ago i buy , i recall it was in comic store box consignment sale for $5 a treasure for a few bucks.It look much better on caamera than real life.Its 2 different makes hills but i blend using same trees and flock.The mat is old gamescape and terrain block also(sadly defunct.Have a fun week

Kalafat 1853 - Part 2 by Head for the Guns Hank

Dear Hank

Ambitious and lots of toil evident but a labour of love above all.

Thanks for getting the pics out quickly and sharing them with us.

Much appreciated.


Re: Kalafat 1853 - Part 2

Hi Dave OB thanks is very special remarks coming from you professori.

I know i am not portarait painter which is sad.I will only ever be landscape.It takes a while to know the turk figures and get tricks to try smooth the bumps with secondary(n) coat of paint etc.(you will know what i mean.) Lookk forwars to your next contribution.

To change the subject I have something quite diverse coming out i am most excited about (for my limitations )! have fun hftgh