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Re: Re: From Narva to Poltava

Exellent stuff I would say! You won't hear me complain about more fighting poses. (Early) 18th century civilians are needed, but I doubt if this set will be the right place for them.
BTW, I second Benno's SYW question!



Re: Re: Re: From Narva to Poltava

Dear Christiaan,

some civilians will be released in Big Box set for the Russian Army of Peter I later this year.
Best regards,


Re: From Narva to Poltava

i strongly support Andy Hart post where he said that some civilians for early 18th century would be great. Noble man & woman with servants, blacksmith, etc will be needed. In Napoleonic camp set is great and please strelets make those figures that Andy and i (´plus others need) and add to this set

Re: From Narva to Poltava

dear strets are those civillians upper class people or lower class? Can you please add one female lady in swedish set PLEASE