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Re: CW Turkish conversions (easy) and quick

can you show the pictures!!!

Re: Re: CW Turkish conversions (easy) and quick

Yes, but That would be overkill for these easy swaps. Thats a good word swap instead ogf convertion.
Try one yourself and you see how easy it is.

Re: Re: Re: CW Turkish conversions (easy) and quick

i send 2 photo to s-r .I think they not good enough for contribution(my personal thought,as my painting is below average)You can swap of drummer and bugler legs means you have one now for either old or new turkish uniform.Its real easy.

the turks in coat and artillery guys near teh(not great but what else is there? they do until something comes)gun are the other figures in the imAGES which not be good enough for the contribution.I am a landscape painter not a protrait one.

have fun thats all you need to do, it is take it or leave it good luck

Re: CW Turkish conversions (easy) and quick

Great suggestions. Thanks.
What is a "finger drill"? Please explain.

I have been heating a straight pin in a candle and making adaptations such as opening up a hole in a clenched fist in order to receive a brass wire for a flag pole or for a lance.

But what do you mean "finger drill"?


Re: Re: CW Turkish conversions (easy) and quick

hi David, it looks like a fat steel pen with clip to put on pcket .inside the pen is needle size drills .I got mine from Ace hardware /lumber store .They cost about $6.00 but you can make tiny apertures.
Also i got mini finger saw .Once i slip and put finger drill thru my nail it hurt so bad for days.
good luck

Re: Re: Re: CW Turkish conversions (easy) and quick

Sounds great. I'll look for one. Thank you. David

finger drills

Dear Hank and David
I made a finger drill for a number 80 or 0.014 bit (very small) using a wooden cocktail stick. I cut the stick and filed one end flat and then pushed, with pliers, the reverse end of the bit in the flat end of the cocktail stick slightly off centre. It is best to pre drill a small hole with the bit itself to get it started if you are not confident with pliers as the potential for digit injection or a broken bit is high.
This is great for accurate drilling using the thumb and forefinger. Normally I use a pin vice for most drillng. The best thing is to always let the drill bit do the work and don't push. If a hole drilled in polyethylene closes over reopen it with a wooden cocktail stick point. Finally, small fine drill bits wear out very quickly especially when used a lot.


Re: finger drills

makita make them look at there website