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Re: M034 - Roman Auxiliaries in Advance

i like them
good work

Re: M034 - Roman Auxiliaries in Advance

I thought this was a pretty good idea by Strelets to put both Roman & allied infantry together. We have tons of Romanb auxiliaries, but only one set of allied auxiliaries so now we have a bit of diversity! Well done!

Re: Re: M034 - Roman Auxiliaries in Advance

exellent I would say! May is gonna be a beatiful month :)

Re: Re: Re: M034 - Roman Auxiliaries in Advance

Some nice figures there - I especially like the barbarian helmet and hairstyles. I think that most of the poses seem to be more 'In Battle' than 'Advancing'... ("In Advance" actually means "Beforehand"...)
The swords worn at the front between the legs, however, look awkward and possibly painful! Some Osprey pictures show sword scabbards pulled round to the front, but the text explains that this is just to show them more clearly, and that they would in fact hang at the side.
Looking forward to getting them, anyway