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Re: Re: Re: Re: From Narva to Poltava

Dear GNW fans

Martin is right about the poses but further to that the general sculpting was better with previous GNW sets. The poses are not a lot different to Zvezdas but coupled with poor human proportions and weapons they are not as good. No point in offering advice about body proportions as this is a fait accompli.
The Borodino set new figures look much better. Is it the perception that connoisseurs of Napoleonic figurines expect higher standards? Further to that they prove that Strelets can deliver and PSR gave those new sets 9 so others thought so as well.


Re: From Narva to Poltava

we have only 3 nobelman - as commanders but as my earlier post shown nobelman DID have their wives and mistresses on campaign.

Re: Re: From Narva to Poltava

Exellent stuff I would say! You won't hear me complain about more fighting poses. (Early) 18th century civilians are needed, but I doubt if this set will be the right place for them.
BTW, I second Benno's SYW question!



Re: Re: Re: From Narva to Poltava

Dear Christiaan,

some civilians will be released in Big Box set for the Russian Army of Peter I later this year.
Best regards,


Re: From Narva to Poltava

i strongly support Andy Hart post where he said that some civilians for early 18th century would be great. Noble man & woman with servants, blacksmith, etc will be needed. In Napoleonic camp set is great and please strelets make those figures that Andy and i (´plus others need) and add to this set

Re: From Narva to Poltava

dear strets are those civillians upper class people or lower class? Can you please add one female lady in swedish set PLEASE