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This source may help any dio-drama architecture .

greek orthodox churches
medievil fortress
ottoman bridge (nice to see different shape)

Re: kars

Hi Head for the Guns Hank!

Super-neat then and now pictures of Kars! I love the stone bridge too.

I want to get at least one of the new Italeri (?) bridge models. The latest one is a short bridge which will work well for my 55 Days at Peking collection. I think Toy Soldiers of Michigan has a longer, 3 section bridge which would be cool for ACW too, also made by the same company of hard plastic, not a foam one.

Thanks again - just loved to look at those pics!

Re: Re: kars

GC, you are busy .Is 8 cw turk sets paint on now for figures on teh table.Finer details later.So some convertion ideas has given me a little break from painting.

I am trawling the net for looking at teh period 1853- houses and buildings and there are enough on real estate websites.Amazing how cheap is houses over there.Widin./Vidin look like a bomb site despite beautiful Baba Vida fort above town, Old Rouskie style apartments to tumble down,cannot see danube for them.I so bad want to visit teh forts here in Ocktober.

So cruise is best way some stop at ltenitza which is good ,not so many at Widin but some do stop at Kalafat
.They hAVE a few NEW bridges now so is good.

Okay more trawling

Re: Re: Re: kars


After recommending the Italeri Bridge, I checked MichTSCo and discovered theirs is a "two-arch" bridge, with the same kit number as the newer "one-arch" bridge, and there was no 3-arch bridge (sorry).

If you buy one, you should e-mail the seller and ask them to explain the contents of the kit. Like I said, both bridges have the same kit number, but different pictures.

Go figure!