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Re: New French Cuirassiers: welcome here

You're entitled to your opinion of course, Robin.
I must disagree & as we are really talking about taste, there is room for such diametrically opposed viewpoints.
I have the other Strelets' cuirassier sets. They make up a brigade and a half of cuirassiers for me so this new set will complete the division.
And how lucky am I in getting 4 sets of French cuirassiers all in different poses for this unit?
At any rate, I think they paint-up nicely and the chunky look suits heavy cavalry. I'll have to think what to do with the stuffed-up flag (I know its not historical but my wargames' rules require flags): probably cut it off & scratch-build another.

Re: New French Cuirassiers

"Ugly, mis-shapen and too small"

These were the very same words my ex-wife used to describe a most important (to me anyway) part of my anatomy on our wedding night.

Perhaps I should refer to my 'old chap' as a Cuirassier.

Re: Re: New French Cuirassiers

Alan, I thought Cuirassiers were big and hard with a shiny helmet. You may have to think of another name for your'old chap' dude!

Re: Re: Re: New French Cuirassiers

How about "Gurkha"? They're comparatively small, but they tend to get the job done pretty effectively.

Re: Re: Re: Re: New French Cuirassiers

ian how about a sphinx ...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New French Cuirassiers

Whatever it takes to float your boat, Hank.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New French Cuirassiers

Okay you asked for it, i tell you

Turkish Artillery and Cavalry in their own boxes .

If brittish grenadiers in summer and winter dress and riflemen get releasd as mini sets why cant turks.?Not that i need any mor Infantry like malice ?
But then again like evrything else is only money.And i still got what i wanted.