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Re: Malakoff 1855

Bonjour Cantemir,

très content de trouver des compatriotes, pardon viens de me rendre compte que vous êtes anglais-
but we will need to revert to English to voice our message that there IS AN INTEREST IN MORE FRENCH CRIMEAN UNITS.
Yes, I am facinated by this war - just wrote about that in a string below. However, I am not a wagamer, just reading, collecting, painting and from time to time a temporary diorama (no place to keep them once done). I did some wargaming in my childhood, including the mother of all wargames which is Chess . All this is great fun, but takes too much time, too many other obligations
I remember playing something like 20 hours in one weekend with short interruption for sleeping.

Re: Re: Malakoff 1855

Hello Micheal
Your diorama is excellent. It is good to see the French represented so well. I have to keep looking at it to see what you have used and how well you have presented the diorama.
What type of paint do you use on the various constituents of the piece?
I hope to make something similar. When I get time. Then, like you I will need somewhere to store it.
I like conversion and when I get time I sculpted or convert pieces.
I pleased that you like Chess. I actually sculpt my own chess pieces. You can see some of them at
Best regards

Re: Re: Re: Malakoff 1855

Hi Taran

very glad for your interest. Personally, I feel still in a learning process. I am quite satisfied with my painting - not so good as other atists, but good enough, well, to create a feel of the uniforms and a good overall impression when massed. There are many discussions on quality of Strelets figures - proportions mainly. I feel very pertinent. However, the big plus of little Streltsis are their faces - very varied and very expressive. The english faces look English, Russian,French all very characteristic.

Now I try more dios temporary ones - here the challenge is to get a good photogenic disposition. I found this is another new skill. I start really appreciating the work of Juan Carlos.

Some of your questions on the dio
- colours are simple paste acrylic and natural colours, such as different clays (not Garrison Clay, he is not French and therefore too big ;-). I've also found that different coloured barks, finely grond, make excellent earth
- base and forteress in styroform

Re: Re: Re: Re: Malakoff 1855

Hey Michael Robert,

"(not Garrison Clay, he is ... too big ;-)"

Watch what you say, "I 'resemble' that remark!" :-)

If I spent less time at my desk enjoying hobby conversions, and snacking all the while, and more time on a green field or running or riding as in my youth, I should be a handsome young Trooper, again.

Cheers to clean humour!