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Hank - Alma and Florence

Dear Hank

Florence Nightingale was named after Florence the place of her birth and Florence became very popular as a British girl's name after the Crimean War.
Alma was already a Hebrew and Italian girl's name not very popular in Britain but after the Crimean war more so.
The name Florence had a resurgence with the BBC children's TV "Magic Roundabout" in the 60s/70s as Florence was one of the characters. A UK woman now in her 30s called Florence rather than being named after Florence Nightingale is more likely to be named as a tribute to that little animated figure called Florence .


Re: Hank - Alma and Florence

professori ,may i add thatI think you find the River Alma in Crimea,the battle fame ,was named by the earlier occupying Genoese(see many fortresses etc ) after a Contessa called ..Alma.

a telegraphed war

Dear Hugh

Fifth- the news was fresh thanks to the telegraph. William Russell's dispatches are well known and these arrived pretty soon after the event. The effect they had is again well documented. The British public became involved with immediacy of this otherwise distant war.

One of the Strelets Heavy Brigade figures could easily double as William Russell if you minus the sword.