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future Crimean figures

I read from toysoldiersfim website that srelets is going to realise
Crimean War British Grenadiers St0062
Crimean War British Light Infantry St0064
Crimean War Turkish Infantry St0065
but those Tukrs are already realised and British Ligth Infantry and Grenadiers are realised as mini set. Am i wrong or wrigth but are those some new sets or not???

Re: future Crimean figures

Dear MM

Hope springs eternal.

The new sets - British Grenadiers and British Light infantry are in the Strelets mini series of numbers ie M029 and M030. This looks like an old list of proposed sets eg ST0020. But who knows.
Will Strelets issue these figures?
"As I see it, Yes" is the M8B's answer.

You can't argue with that.


Re: Re: future Crimean figures/micheals malakhoff

Good and refreshing to see Robert Michaels doidrama of teh Malakhoff. It not easy to get the right size and proportion due to the size of the battle area.i like to see more.the italieri union artillery set is great help with the wicker work baskets. noce paint work on teh french lightinfantry way better than what i could do.