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105 - French Cuirassiers in Attack

Hello Friends,

Discovering the new box: "105 - French Cuirassiers in Attack" I just count the days until I can get them. They look great. The same goes for those next superb and elegant Uhlans. Not to mention the early carabiniers. Please STRELETS when can we expect to buy them, (here in Paris France?). By the way, has any one news about next ZVEZDA' Cuirassiers?

Re: 105 - French Cuirassiers in Attack

Dear Pat,

the new lot of figures has arrived in the UK and the distribution began.
We can't tel you when they will reach Paris though since we don't sell to France direct.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Re: 105 - French Cuirassiers in Attack

THANK YOU very much for that good news.
And go on with your remarquable creativity.
Best regards

Re: 105 - French Cuirassiers in Attack

I can't believe I am going to say this - "I have enough cuirassiers*"! But I am looking forwards to the Carabineers eagerly.

*I cannot really justify any more in my army until I have a lot more infantry. And then there will be no one to play against, let alone a table big enough to deploy them on.