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Re: strelets legioanires, aren't they?

Yes they are indeed!!

Bruno Arnal is a Terrific French Painter, I met him once in a figures Show here in Paris.

Hello Yevgen, thanks to you we know a lot of things about News coming from the East.
We are lucky because STRELETS are very reactive, and they pay attention to their customers wishes, and thanks to this we have all their Terrific new sets: The very good Hastings ones, the next Crusades sets (I long to see them).
But what about Zvezda, when you write to them you never get answer.
I just had once a very nice answer but I lost the E-mail adddress. I don't want to write to Hobby Pro because they earn ITALERI. But you Yevgen, may be you know some one at ZVEZDA, and may be you could provide me with a personal E-mail address to send my wish list?
Best regards