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Re: Re: Re: Re: Vikings

Thank you YEVGEN for sharing this wonderful pics
Realy they are FANTASTIC!!!
Right the best VIKINGS ever made!!
Those ZVEZDA guys are astonishing me once again with their TOP quality figures.
I like to discover new figures but you know with some companies you feel like if the designer has a contract for a determined number of poses. Some are good some other are flat and lack inspiration.
Here with the ZVEZDA guys, every pose is clever as well as full of life
Those VIKINGS are GREAT indeed!!!
Who will they be opposed to?
Anglo-Saxon or 9-10th Century French northern Knights, or whoever?
If any one has a clue about the subject, PLEASE share!!
Maybe YEVGEN knows?

Moreover I will use them too with my new superb mini STRELETS Saxons for Hastings.
I will use some of them as Huscarls and some others as Fyrds
And now I finally know who will be my King Harold (changing his round shield for a STRELETS kite one) and I know too who will be his standard bearer.
Last question when can we expect this latest ZVEZDA's Masterpiece here in Paris?
Thank you YEVGEN
Best regards

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