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exciting news on the Roman front and we always want more....

Strelets writes:
'the Romans series will be expanded with, at least, 2 mini sets. The idea is to have all stages of a battle represented: marching soldiers, then idle soldiers awaiting the action in the rear, assembled in formation, then a formation going into battle but before the action and, finally, action itself. A logical completion for this series will be a full-format camp or an outpost set. We wanted to start the series initially with a testudo set but it was delayed because we were trying to find the sources showing how it was built, especially how soldiers kept the shields. It took sime time and then we cancelled this set when we learned that another company was going to make it. We haven't considered archers yet but that may be a possibility.'

I would like to add that I wouldn't mind a few more Strelets Roman sets on top of these, like archers on the march, true Roman archers and another set Eastern auxiliary archers. Roman artillery - with some other weapons than the Hat set. Romans attacking and charging. Romans in Winter dress. Roman supply wagons. Pretorians. 5 or 6 different sets of Roman cavalry. Several different command sets in slightly different colors, like one for Caesar - perhaps with a Roman religious scene, one for Augustus - perhaps with figures for a triumph, one for Caesar's murderers - with figures for the Roman senate and perhaps a market place, one for Marc Anthony and Kleopatra - with figures for a Egypto-Roman palace.

Then also, I would like all these sets replicated with different uniforms, weapons and helmets for early Republic, late Republic and late Imperial - with adequate command sets as well please.

At a rate of 2 Roman sets per quarter, we could have all the Strelets Roman sets we need in just a little less than 10 years!

Re: exciting news on the Roman front and we always want more....

and what about the Rome enemies sets. if you add them you would have next 10 years which makes together 20 years of Roman Era sets... good luck Strelets. I count on you.

Re: Re: exciting news on the Roman front and we always want more....

Dromedaries not to forget


Re: Re: Re: exciting news on the Roman front and we always want more....

We desperatly need more Roman Opponents.

It`s no fun just to re enact roman civil war.

Roman Opponents

I think that the lack of Roman opponents is endemic to Colonial Style Wars. On the 1 side there is the modern efficient army with all the latest in weapons and training, be they Roman Legionaries or British in 19th Century Africa. Then on the other side you have the losers, lots of them, brightly dressed, ill trained, be they Gauls, Germans, Dacians, Picts, Jews, Zulus, Mahdists, Egyptians.

So the problem always seems to be that one side is well documented small professional side that should win because of superior training and tactics and the other side needs a lot of effort to do well and may lose all the same.

However, without enemies what can we do with these winning Colonial Armies?

Best regards,


Re: Roman Opponents - question

If you had the choice of asking Strelets for one specific army of Rome's enemies to hopefully start a neverending series of hundreds of sets for this topic, which one would you pick?

My choice would be Goths.

-Goths fought against Romans and in Roman services against others, so could easily be used as Roman allies for any kind of battle in the later Roman Empire.

-we have 2 small sets of Goths from Hat, getting another (insufficient) one and at least 2 generic Germanic sets from Miniart and Caesar. Perfect timing to build up an entire Gothic army around this nucleus.

-What would be my personal dream for a Strelets Gothic army: one set each for heavy, medium and light cavalry, another cavalry set for alani, who at times were allies of the goths. Infantry: a Gothic shield wall, more sets for archers & slingers, light unarmored infantry and mixed infantry on the march as well as resting. Also an infantry set for the Alani. Another set for the Gothic laager, with wagons and defense troops. Finally the crown of the army, a gothic command set including the King, nobles, women and children and something like a big treasure that could be placed on the laager set's wagons.

11 sets altogether.

nice account of some battles:

Re: Re: Roman Opponents - question

The Goths were to late to be High Imperial Roman adversaries. I prefer the opponents for Flavians, against Trajan or Hadrian.

There aren´t plenty of them.

Parthians (besides the HAT and Orion sets)
Earlier Germanic Tribes
Britain celts
Picts and Caledonians .

Re: Roman Opponents

Funny you should mention that problem. Most of the European powers were wondering just about the samw thing. So they used the Armies to stage WWI.

Re: Re: Roman Opponents

Very intelligent comment...
Spain had no colonial power anymore at the beggining of XX c... Fortunately our poor army was too weak to enter the WWI..