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Re: Re: russian naval officer uniform

I had the same concern a few weeks ago -- in fact, I posted a request for information on this forum and got no responses. My own research into Crimean Russian naval uniforms didn't come up with anything, so I painted the officer pretty much the way Uwe describes.

Re: Re: Re: russian naval officer uniform

Yes, no info in internet and an engraving in black and white in Osprey book MAA 241 (NCO, sailor and Drummer).
Thank you guys.

Streletz could help us

Dear Strelets,

can you tell us the source you used for this figure?
I haven't seen it in Viscovatow and I sadly have just a few plates from Piratskyi


Re: Streletz could help us

Dear Uwe,

you may check the following links to Viskovatov:
Best regards,


Re: Re: Streles could help us

Dear Strelets,

thank you for the link. The second one shows the new uniform which I fear is too late for Sebastopol.

The first link is ok, but I see the difference in the headgear. Your figure looks like having a colpack like headdress, not the new shako. That puzzled me when I've first seen the figure.

Wasn't there an English link about Viscovatows plates in the past? I've lost it and now I am sitting with a lot of plates in Russian which I can't sort in my binders

BTW, sorry for the "Z" in my first answer, I was in hurry...



Looks like a hard day. First the Z, now S but missing the T - Better I go home and take some sleep