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Re: Leave flock for the Indian restaurants

You don't need to glue it on- just apply a ground colour paint of choice liberally and then sprinkle the stuff over it. The base colour has quite an impact on the overall effect, so if you use a dark green or darker brown you get a fairly non-white house look

Re: Re: Leave flock for the Indian restaurants

I use flock (these little hairs are the only "true flock" which used to be used on wall paper hundreds of years ago to give a suedey effect!)

It comes in differetn shades spring (the white house lawn as you said! ), summer, autumn and winter. (or different names to that effect)

Autumn is my favourite as it has brown orange and yellow hairs in to make it look more realistic. (less bowling green effect).

It comes loose- about £2-3 in the U.K, whihc you can scatter on paint- or just paint PVA glue on a sprinkle it on top- as mentioned a nice coloured green undercoat helps as little bits come off slightly over time. It also comes on paper rolls- 2x4ft or 4x8ft, one side being flocked- which when glued on the reverse moulds itself over terrain very nicely! when wetted it also can be scraped off the paper to allow for roads and rivers and bare patches etc!

I love the stuff- it gives a really pretty effect.
hope this was of some help

Re: Re: Re: Leave flock for the Indian restaurants

Hmm...this is new to me as well! Very interesting, good advice! I need to try it out....

Much obliged!

If you want models flock... if you want toys dont bother

sorts out the men from the boys

Re: Leave flock for the Indian restaurants

Jon...FYI Strelets contribution pages have all flock in one form of another.Just about all wargame magazines show flocked bases on figures also. Guess you are fairly new to the hobby or you would have tried it out by now.

To me flock helps make the difference between having models or just... toys.

Indian restaurant cant get enough ones here.Mexican cantinas and Ranch steakhouses sure gets pretty boring.

Re: Re: Leave flock for the Indian restaurants

Hi Hank

You are right - I havent tried flock, but there are some very interesting tips in this thread on getting a better result so Ill give it a try.

Static grass

I think Les might be referring to static grass, which does stand up,distinguishing it from grass mats or normal flock.
I've not used it, but it does look good around figures' feet.

Re: Static grass

Static grass is "true flock", you just get so mnay other products like- dyed sawdust, chips, fibres etc pretending to be flock, its become a general term now- like Hoover the brand is generally used to describe any kind of vacuum cleaner.