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Re: Re: Highland Brigade in the Crimea - by Lt Col Sterling

So far, ist wunderbar.Contemporary source.Even mentions French Ambulance Mules, weather conditions smoke sap's/mines.

Book wasnt allowed to be published until 1895, when most of the Charge of the bUffoons involved with the charge of the Light brigade were dead.

Re: Re: Re: Highland Brigade in the Crimea - by Lt Col Sterling

Hi Hank,

so this is the first true report about the charge of the light brigade?

Ambulance mules etc. sounds like a good idea for another special Crimean set going with some older ones in the future



the witness gives a small descriptive of the Alma battle Inkerman and the seige

only saw the Heavy brigade charge the light Brigade Charge was out of view.
However there is evidence of "problems"
with young cavalry staff officers even prior to the catastrophe regarding orders.(page 136)

Most of the letters are written from Camp, Battery no.4 north of Balaclava north of Kadiokoi.Great detail on administrtional deficiences and french better organised.Much on the seige and even mentions railway etc.

Frenchmans Hill was also known as Gordons Battery (later to be the famous Gordon of Khartoum/Chinese Gordon )