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Crimean War Russian Naval Uniforms

I'm painting the Strelets Crimean War Russian sailors and I've got some questions about uniform detail. On the figure with a long coat and carrying two rifles (one on his back, one in his hand) -- what is it on the left breast of his coat? It looks white on the pictures on Strelets' website, but I can't tell what it is. (My eyesight isn't the greatest.)
Also, I'm wondering about the cuffs and shoulder boards for the handful of artillerymen in the full navy uniform, including the one in shako. Again, I can't quite pick out the detail from the pictures on the website. Anyone have a source for navy uniforms? Thanks.

Re: Crimean War Russian Naval Uniforms

Hi Peter ,
I tried magnifying the picture odf the guy with 2 rifles and handling the brit prisoner and it just looks like a white spade emblem (per playing cards)with a fan below it. I thought maybe a dead dove or bread ,or a stash of wads, rifle cleaning rag .Naval or religious icon. need some input from Strelets .Couldnt find much from any other source, sorry i tried.probalyl a simple answer to it ...somewhere

Re: Crimean War Russian Naval Uniforms

Hi Peter

I cant help you with sources, but looking at the figure reminds me that some pictures of Russians show them with medals on their chest. I seem to recall Russians were quite keen on wearing their medals in battle, and looking at it now I think that is the intention. Thats my guess anyway.