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Re: Re: Romans

For the Standard Bearer in Sports type mask I painted the face silver. As to musicians I also use the Italeri Cornicern, as j musician I think it dosen't matter that he wears mail since the Standard Bearers and the Centurions also wear mail. Also don't forget the Italeri mounted Julius Ceasar figure as depicting a General for this period. I also like the foot officer holding helmet in the Esci/Italeri Romans although admittedly this figure looks a lot like the Tribune in the Osprey book dealing with the Carthaginian wars.

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Replying to:

Roman Officers/specialists well covered in previous sets.. i disagree a bit, there are already some good standard-bearer and centurio poses.. But i still miss:

- Standard bearer with mask-helmet (one with the types of sport cavalry helmets)
- MUSICIANS: there is only this tubican from Hat and one generic figure in which you can put a cornicen.. BUT NO DECENT CORNICEN FOR THE IMPERIAL PERIOD
-MORE HIGH ROMAN OFFICERS_ we have only a pair from Revell and hat (punic!). Cavalry officers and specialist as well missing.

Let´s see what is coming with Alanger and Zvezda legionaries


Re: Re: Re: Romans

I have a lot of Roman command figures in metal from Art-miniaturen. They have a good range of high Roman command and other good Imperial Roman stuff.