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Re: Re: Re: 0051 Crimean Russian General Staff & Hospital

Hi Hank!

If PSR is any help here, and using the MAA #241 Russian Army of CW, he looks like p.3 "General Officer" in undress uniform. But on the other hand, the other new set 063 are Dragoons. On pp. 38-39 they show 2 other Dragoons looking similar.

But your guess would be better than mine. What do you think ??? Also, what sets do you want for CW to be released next, just for fun ???

Cheers to ya !!!

last gaspirations

With the CW Russian Army pretty much complete it must be time to release...

1st. Turkish Infantry (for allah's sake please release them..)thousansd of these in th eCW campaign

2nd. British Guards(only a few battalions in the whole campaign)

3rd. British Light Infantry( division if means "Light" and not Rifle(if rifle even less)

4th. French CW Artillery would be "par excellence".(should be first but nobody intends doing them despite same guns etc for Turks and Sardinian...hello ?)


This whole range is poorly balanced without allied artillery

Re: last gaspirations

Hi Hank,

you are absolutely right!!


Re: Re: last gaspirations

Hi Hank & Uwe!

Yes, all would be wonderful. I especially hope to see the under-represented sets like Turks. :-)

And I'd still like to see foot 062 Crimean British Grenadiers to go with the Cavalry. I've always loved those bear-skin hats !!!

Happy Toy Soldier Dreaming!

Re: Re: Re: last gaspirations

Hi Dave,

two sets of Guards. One advancing at the Alma, the other in greatcoats defending the sandbag battery at Inkerman.


Re: Re: Re: Re: last gaspirations


Wonderful idea. Would be a great project for the Strelets-Mini Sets.