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Strelets range

Dear strelets- I must say that I really love your figures!!!! I can also understand your decision for the mini-sets which is the normals brand which other figure producers are doing and it really helps for financing further projects. But Strelets you are unique. For this I must say it directly that I be a bit disappointed that now you are producing 4 mini sets and (agian again) cavalry sets. Means 1 real Strelets set with 2 cavalry sets in which the horses are the same. Yes I bought them all and I will do this in the future (e.g -all your Russian WWI cavalries and so on) but would strongly prefer Strelets sets with so many different poses. For myself I think that it is not absolutely important to to eg. the Russian Line Infantry Crimea war in more that 40 poses- for a Line Infantry toop we do not need so much poses- but therefore you can do much more with field camp sets- or great battle sets!!!!!

Last but not least I really love your box art and I be soo happy that Strelets is existing!!!!

Thanks for your attention andbest regards from Austria!

Martin Macalka

Re: Strelets range

Dear Martin,

we aren't planning to completely discontinue our Strelets-R range. We will rather concentrate ourselves on making sets that better suit this format, like camp scenes, command sets, hospitals, etc.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Strelets range

Thanks for your friendly answer! I be very happy about this great info! Best regards from the Balcans! Martin Macalka