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Re: much appreciated, Hank!

your help of these fallen veterans families is a noble endeavor. it reminds me of when i got orders for europe, and my grandmother told me of a cousin of hers who had fallen at Achen with a sucking chest wound. she wanted me to find where he was buried and place a flower on his grave for her. being poor mountain folks, no one of our family could afford the trip. it turns out my uncle Ted was in belgium in WW2 as well, and he told me when he discovered his cousin Guy was wounded, he tried to get to Liege but Guy died before Ted made it there. anyway, i found Guy's grave in Maastricht, with the help of the local Dutch. i took pictures and placed a flower from my Grandmother on Guy's grave. as far as i know, i'm the only family member who ever visited him. it was a deeply emotional experience, but i'm glad i got to do it.

Re: Re: much appreciated, Hank!

Yes M, it becomes very emotional and its important to always be considering the families sensitivity.Such plights are often difficult to explain to people..etc

Your own experience was very interesting and good on you for your endeavor to pay respects to you relations.Often i think of the poor warwidows who never remarried and kept the candle of hope for the remainder of their life.

I think we did our bit, and helped let the loved ones spirit wishes Hank