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Thanks Bill!

Re: Thanks Bill!

hi,the A C W period is the one I collect the most,and for this war theatre, we have a real luck,as modellers:the fotos of that period.ther are a lot of them on the internet...
to make C S A infantry ,arty or cavalry,you may use boers figures,or from U S cavalry,or mix figures of general staffs,either north or south,,if you paint them right,they perfectly fit and make illusion;
for the weapons or equipments,I'm sure you can cut, transform,or convert easily thoses soldiers.
just a word more:whith many infantry sets of other war theatre, you can make A C W soldiers, it is really easy to find,particularly from troops weaing shakos, that you can cut as a tosseled cap,and it is only an exemple...
good luck.

Re: Re: Thanks Bill!

still a word:you can find exemple of what I told you by seeing in the strelets pictures gallery:"charging the yankees"