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Re: Re: How bad do you want Strelets' command sets?

I'm all for command sets, however, I would prefer more of a HQ set, like HaT does, or something like the Zv. Samari Head Quarters, or the Strelets Frech Army Camp, over just a buch of generals.

Re: How bad do you want Strelets' command sets?

the aspects you`re pointing out - that`s exactly what Strelets offers:
01 - The French Army's Camp
02 - Russian and Prussian Chiefs of Staff
11 - Allied Chiefs of Staff
13 - Napoleon's General Staff
46 - Union General Staff
51 - Russian General Staff and Hospital
... all these sets contain lots of different figures depicting NCOs, musicans, injured soldiers, "camp life situations" ...
I see these figures as a kind of great "bonus" to the original subject, which could be indeed a collection of old generals standing around (in the worst case).
I`m very happy with my boxes of Napoleonic-Staffs anyway!

47 - Confederate General Staff
48 - Napoleon's General Staff
80 - Union General Staff
... are all mounted sets, so reduced in poses. That`s why these sets just contain what the you call a bunch of "generals". BTW it´s always a good mix of ranks & poses. The titles of these 3 sets promise General Staffs and that`s exactly what we get!