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Re: Strelets Romans

One thing I forgot:
There´re (ancient) Germans announced by Zvesda? Did I miss someting? Maybe you confused them with the announced ancient Egyptians and the upcomimg Germans from Caesar?
BTW Caesar:
When will they release their next batch? Anyone`s got further informations? I just want to get some boxes of their (yearning awaited ) WWII French, Dutch/Belgian, Chinese and of course 3 more sets of Germans (couldn`t resist to write that )+ their WWI (& others) sets of course. I hope their announced vehicle-kits are not that rubbish "quick-assembly-wargaming" style. Would like to see some new & fresh kits from Caesar, bringing even more competition to the already very busy 1/72-model-market with some (hopefully) proper, detailed and useable releases!
There were rumours about their apparently bad finacial situation and a popssible bankruptcy some weeks/months ago, what about this myths?
We need more business-insiders-knowledge here!!!