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Re: Re: Re: 063 - Crimean Russian Dragoons

Dear STrelets,

a cavalry box in greatcoat would be something very usefull for a lot of campaigns. Tumbling Dice made their metal Russian cavalry all in greatcoats with seperate heads for Dragoons, Ulans and Cossacks. Great stuff, as I can use the Ulans for 1812-14 too.

If it would be possible to do a set with different heads it would be great.

BTW, had the Russians dragoons in the 1853 Danube campaign? As it was summer, the won't need greatcoats.


Re: Re: Re: 063 - Crimean Russian Dragoons

That would be a great set!

Re: Re: Re: 063 - Crimean Russian Dragoons

It would be a very good idea for us as costumers and for you as company, everybody will buy more than one box. I like the Malcom's idea about Lanceros of Alfonso XII of the spanish carlist wars but we'll need infantry (isabelist infantry could be used in the african campaigns).
Best Regards

Re: Re: Re: 063 - Crimean Russian Dragoons

I would also like to see a set with interchangle (swoppet-style) heads.

If you do, please ask the sculptor to make them with a neck/peg. If you go back to the Contributions section, and look at the U.S. Cavalry/Apache Scouts, and scroll down towards bottom, you can see how I converted all 12 into Apaches. The customer could then use a pinvise drill to plug in the head without glue if desired.