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Re: Set 071 with Mediaeval Levis ?

Dear Murat,

these sets are coming to an end and won't be re-released.
Best regards,


Re: Set 071 with Medieval Levis ?

I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Medieval Britain set. I waited until I could get them 20% off with free shipping though, so it wasn't too bad of a deal.

The tourney poses are really nice and although the other sets (particularly the Wallace Scots and English Calvary) aren't great, they contain quite a few useful figures.

Re: Re: Set 071 with Medieval Levis ?

I also could not help that when i see the box in a shop.. But i do not regret that much: the court figures are just great. And i think the knights will enforce my crusader and teutonic armies. The scots will reforce their brothers and the Robert the Bruce set. The english archers..well, i will do a bigger Agincourt emulation!!