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Re: Re: Re: Strelets Romans

I'm very happy, but with all those sets on the same subject you can argue if this is good for the hobby itself.
It looks like the companies are going to compete in stead of filling up the gaps.
Look at the announced sets of Zvezda: Vikings, Janitsaries, Polish wing hussars, Numidian cavalry, British 100 year war cavalry, Roman imp infantry, egyptians.
I don't know why they do that.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets Romans

i don't know either and what's more i don't want to know but what i know is the competetive world around that makes the bussines go and the more figure the better which means quantity and quality and the option to choose from. soon it will saturate and comes turn for the next periods and " gaps " to cover. needs patiance...


It is a little strange, but i am sure of something:

1) So interesting and exotic topics:

-Winged hussars

Were already done, only once (saturation? not at all!!!!), and very good by Orion. Anyway, the sculpting and quality pose of Zvezda is still the best of all, with minor accurate details which make no difference for me. That makes these two sets a selling-crack, no doubt of it!!



Well, we have, only after some years of waiting, a lot of knights and vikings...but this troops need VARIETY!!! And if this variety comes by ZVEZDA, with the most breautiful figures... more crack-sets


Until now we had only the poor 4 good fellows of HAT: very accurate, but not a very beautiful sculpting and a little boring (no variety of poses: the same four of always with shield and arm in different positions). This troops were very important for Hannibal and Scipio.. i think this set brings more variety, lustre and new interest for the numidian cavalry

4) Imp. legionaries and germans

Germans are still too little, and these troops need variety as well.

Romans: ok, many sets are coming at the same time... but how many sets of imperial legionaries did we have until now? 4:
-Airfix (poor old man, let him rest)
-Hat: nice job, but too thin figures. Command set superb!!Trajan legionaries add variety
-Italeri-Esci: very decent set, but could be improved

Now many manufacturesr are producin. And one of them is ZVEZDA !!! they will be the best, i am quite sure. Strelets will be also fine, and let´s see what is Alanger..



Re: pro-ZVEZDA

I'm not gonna retire my Airfix Romans. There were so many different troop types in the roman empire at any given time. I think they Airfix Romans still fit in. I use them as militia/border guard now. Get the Airfix Roman fort, some Zvezda wooden fortress pieces as Limes and perhaps Odemars' Pontius Pilate as commander and voila - you got a working unit.

In the late Roman empire, emperor Vespasian? divided the Legions into mobile and static units. Static units guarding the border provinces, largely consisting of old and injured legionaires.

For the Zvezda sets' while I'm always looking forward to whatever they produce, I hope that the units' uniforms and poses will be something new, not just a repetition of what Orion already did.

For a second set of Numidian Cavalry - I'll buy it, it'll hopefully give me a Numidian king for the 60 Numidians that I already have plus 17 more from Zvezda.

What I'd really like to see though is Numidian infantry. We'd need those guys for the third Punic war, the mercenary war that nearly wiped out Carthago and also we'd need them as Roman mercenaries for the late Roman Republic. It was the triad of Cretian archers, Balearean slingers (both done by Hat)and Numidian infantry that accompanied the Roman Legions as mercenaries into pretty much every war at that time.

Re: Strelets Romans

you`re absolutely right. If there`s one company which produces steadily very good sets without any letdowns it is Zvesda! All winners, no fillers!
Of course there`re at least 3 more brands which earn that title: Caesar, Pegasus and Preiser. I would like to add Revell, but they seem to have stopped developing new sets (meanwhile). And I personally like Emhar sets a lot!
So I`m sure their chosen subjects are maybe questionable to some, but I`m also sure that the new sets will compare very good and add welcomed variety to already existing sets! Their Numidians will surely blast away the poor Hät-set for example!
Can`t wait too see their next release and lets hope for some unexpected/not announced "surprise"-sets again this year!
BTW I would count Strelets to my top 3 (to 5) list because of their well-chosen themes/units/conflicts (especially WWI, Crimean, "dark ages", ...), but as I love the WWII, WWI, Crimean, Ancient, "Knights" sets of the nominated companies just a wee little tiny bit better I can`t add them to that very exclusive list (at the moment, hehe). That might change immediately after I`m holding the first set of Strelets-WWII-figures in my greedy hands! (HINT HINT, will the WWII staff sets get released in 2007?)
Please forgive me, my Forum hosts!
a servile Peter

Re: Strelets Romans

One thing I forgot:
There´re (ancient) Germans announced by Zvesda? Did I miss someting? Maybe you confused them with the announced ancient Egyptians and the upcomimg Germans from Caesar?
BTW Caesar:
When will they release their next batch? Anyone`s got further informations? I just want to get some boxes of their (yearning awaited ) WWII French, Dutch/Belgian, Chinese and of course 3 more sets of Germans (couldn`t resist to write that )+ their WWI (& others) sets of course. I hope their announced vehicle-kits are not that rubbish "quick-assembly-wargaming" style. Would like to see some new & fresh kits from Caesar, bringing even more competition to the already very busy 1/72-model-market with some (hopefully) proper, detailed and useable releases!
There were rumours about their apparently bad finacial situation and a popssible bankruptcy some weeks/months ago, what about this myths?
We need more business-insiders-knowledge here!!!