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Imagine you're 95 years old...

Your cruel grandnephews take all your money and drop you off at your final destination in life. You find yourself in a nursing home in a strange city, far away from family or friends. You are too sick and too weak to go anywhere and your fellow nursing home mates celebrate cultural diversity, they all speak in different languages that YOU don't understand.

Which Toy soldier set would you take with you?

For me it's pretty simple. I'd take the Esci Modern US-soldiers. That's my kind of guys.

Re: Imagine you're 95 years old...

Accurate AWI British Infantry, mainly because they can represent the rebel forces as well (if a bit better dressed than reality, my eyesight will be poor by that time). It also has a good mix of attacking, defending and just standing around figures so I could fight endless battles until my end. And if some young know-it-all points out any inaccuracies, I'll simply flick oatmeal on his tie and pretend to fall asleep.

Re: Re: Imagine you're 95 years old...

Zvezda- Greek Infantry

can serve as any city state, limitless battles.

Re: Re: Re: Imagine you're 95 years old...

Hmm? Kinda tough decision. On the one hand, I'd like to fill a box with all of the Strelets*R Crimean sets. So many choices. So many battles.

On the other hand, I still love my Airfix French Foreign Legion (2nd series), Arabs/Bedouins, and the Fort Sahara kit to go with them.

I really don't have one favorite set without an enemy to fight against them. :-)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Imagine you're 95 years old...

I'd like my Airfix US Marines First edition. Lots of variety with a really good simple generic look. Let me and the hobby end where the hoby began.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Imagine you're 95 years old...

Well said Andrew! I think the Afrika Corp and 8th Army were among my very first sets. And I still like the Civil War guys too.

Re: Re: Imagine you're 95 years old...

Well, since that will happend when I'm 95, maybe a set from the Martian Invasion. Maybe the crack Jenna Bush brigade would be nice, with all those young woman figures wearing hardly anything.