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Minifigs make 15mm Crimean War Sardinian Lancers KC035

I think when mighty Minifigs have manufactured them then, its also a strong indication of Sardinian Lancers being present in the Crimea.



Hank, maybe my english is not good enough. We are telling much the same thing!
But your sources are not always affordable! For example "The bersaglieri have a costume of their own, a little sailor’s hat with a long hanging plume of cock-feathers and a brown tunic."
Sailor's hat!!? Brown tunic? And I suggest you never tell to a bersagliere that he has "cock-feathers" on his hat
I suppose anybody here knows a Bersaglieri uniform...
Maybe the best source of infos for an italian army is an italian text...

Said that, I DO CONFIRM that horsemen armed with lance were in Crimea: 1st squadron of Cavallegeri di Novara rgt., for instance. But they had the kepi in 1855, not the crested helm. Cavalry with crested helm COULD be part of the staff, not involved in fightings...
That's why I simply say that the upcoming 63 set from Strelets-R should not be Piedmontese cavalry as somebody argued in the post below.

Russian Dragoons!

How true, for they are RUSSIAN dragoons!



NT - Yuppieee!

YES Enrico, Cadogan shows the Lancers wearing a Kepi

I will try and scan the image for you at a shop and send the image next week..Have you any text in Italian on the Cavallegeri di Novara regimentt. I'd be very interested.Milla Gratzi Hank

Strelets CW Russian Army is now looking very strong but..

Very Nice set ,these will paint up extremely well.

But I just cannot make an exisiting reasonable/realistic British or French opposition to the Russian sets.The Only battle i can reenact is a Russian Cossack mutiny. Any ideas anyone...?

Re: YES Enrico, Cadogan shows the Lancers wearing a Kepi

You can find some general infos on piedmontese cavalry during the 1st and 2nd Indipendence Wars here:

History on Novara here:

And images of uniform here, of course

bravo Enrico, multo bueno

Cadogan's pictoria = Reggimento colore distintivo = Aosta scarlatto.arrivaderchi

Re: bravo Enrico, multo bueno

Hi Guys,

one day I don't check the forum and you are running wild...

The miniature Wargames magazin, issue July 1988 has a short article about the Piemontese army in the Crimea. Written by a British with help from an Italian. If you like, I can send you a scan of this.

Hey Hank, you know my Email-address when you send your scan to Enrico:-)

Enrico described the change from Lancers to light cavalry, so I think there is no more to add to this. Great job Enrico! On campaign everything could be possible.

I think, as mentioned above that the Russian dragoons could be used against the Turks at the Danube. And for the campaign of 1849 against Hungary. Maybe later we will get some Honoved troops as we nearly have the Russian army in the meantime?