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Re: Re: Re: Re: Here are the three sets missing in 1/72 scale...

Hi Strelets & Jay!

Mr. Barzo drives a Toyota - ugh! So do my Mom and brother. Oh well, I've got a small Jeep SUV (Liberty) with no bells and whistles, so I can understand your thinking, but mostly to haul my pets to the veterinarian. I come last in my family, like I'm sure you guys do too !!!

If not hobbying, I enjoy listening to my old "Temptations" CD and even VHS video. After the fact, I'm a big MoTown fan now. Go figure! So, S*R Team, I can understand your business philosophy too. While reading your forum message, I was listening to the song "I Love the Things You Do." I'll keep twisting your arm to make sets better than anything made in the U.S. so far, but I'm still a good customer of your themes. And I do love the things the S*R Team does !!!

There may be a few fans of yours that would love to see you make a set of Russian Sailors - some with the beautiful neckerchiefs, sailor caps, and bell-bottom trousers, and also some as shore duty marines, with gaitors, waist belts, and rifles, especially for the Boxer Rebellion !!!

Anyway, I believe you have a very loyal fan base, and we do love the things you do. Thank you for opening our eyes to the wonder and beauty of Russian history. And thank you for taking your hobby and making it our business. Does that sound right ??? :-)

Here's to more Happy Collecting!

Russian history

Hi Strelets,

I am happy to read that you are more focused on Russian history.

So I can hope for Potiemkin uniforms in the future, beside Russians for the SYW and above all
the Russo-Turkish wars from 1700 to 1914, especially 1877!

Many thanks for this, I will dream tonight what I can paint in the future


Re: Russian history

Hi Uwe,

1877 is an option, not in 2007 but still an option.


Re: Re: Russian history

So I hope for 2008